Re: Lake Smelts Fishing at Lake Yogo [No.3] (余呉湖のワカサギ釣り [その3])

[In English]

I went to the artificial water stream (人工河川) this morning too, in order to displace beds on which lake smelts lay eggs to a hatching pond. As the weather forecast said that it should be record cold yesterday and today, the temperature was 0 degree in C (and the water temperature of the lake was 4 degree). However, we were relieved to know that we didn’t have so much snow as we had worried…., only 20 cm this morning.

The snow was “dry” due to the cold temperature. According to the experienced elder who has always taught me everything about jobs of the Fishery Cooperative (漁協), “The water amount and the speed of the flow in the stream becomes lesser and slower, since such snow absorbs ambient moistures. That’s why the number of running smelts decreases.” Exactly as the man said, the smelts’ number was almost zero for yesterday and today. I was quite surprised to know it for the first time that the amount of stream water drastically influences the running fishes’ number.

We had almost no anglers at the fishing pier yesterday due to the snow and the cold temperature, and only sprinkling of guests were enjoying today.

The weather forecast says that it may be occasionally snowy and cloudy, and the temperature would be -5 to 7 degrees in C this weekend. I strongly hope that many can enjoy the fishing as the fishing peak season is now approaching. (^^♪

[In Japanese]




Lake Yogo Seen from the Artificial Stream
Kawanami Fishing Pier of This Morning
Snow-covered Stream of This Morning
Spawning Bed (Green colored) in the Stream
[Motion Picture] The Full View of the Artificial Stream
[動画] 人工河川の全景
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