Re: I Have a Dream that We can Develop Our Thinning Activity for Our Sightseeing Resource Someday! (里山の再生は、有力な“観光資源”になるかもしれないぞ!)

I was assigned as the leader of the thinning activity since 2020, though I’m quite a non-professional boy about the forest of our village. I haven’t even known at all where our family’s land was, in the vast area of the forest, because I’d been away from my hometown after I graduated from a local high school more than 50 years ago.
So, I’ve tried to enter into the forest very often in order to observe the actual status of the project so I can explain it to the people when I am asked.

Now, I have a confidence that this activity must revitalize our village forest, making the remaining trees healthier, since the sunlight can stream down much more than before. Of course, we can gain a profit from the felled trees, too. And one more thing, which I recently noticed, that the zigzag laid long strip roads in the forest might become available for a good course of hiking or trail walk or marathon, breathing the fresh air from the surrounding trees. I hope the biproduct of the project will be one of the most heavy-hitting sightseeing resources for our village someday.

Autumnal Foliage at Our Village Forest
Research Course on Nov., 28, 2022
Actual Scene of the Thinning Work
After the Thinning Work
Seen the Autumnal Foliage at the Valley
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