Re: Asai Nagamasa (浅井 長政) & His Family Temple, Yogen-in (養源院)

After the follow-up of my periodical health check-up, I visited Nagahama Castle History Museum, since I read in the newspaper that the theme on the Sengoku busho (a Japanese military commander in the Sengoku period) is now being held. I was surprised to know that many letters written by the commander no less than 450 years ago still exist!! (Sorry, we couldn’t take the photos on display)
The Asais used to rule the Northern region of Lake Biwa, i.e., Kohoku (湖北) peacefully in the 16th century, and Nagamasa, the third generation got married with Oichi, a younger sister of Oda Nobunaga (織田 信長) who is said to be a kind of “genius” and “revolutionist” in the history. Oichi, who is well-known for the most beautiful woman in the era, and Nagamasa got three daughters (Chacha, Hatsu, Goh), all of whom were said to be so beautiful and smart like their mother, too. After losing the battle with Nobunaga, the Asais became extinct, but the three sisters survived, and appeared again in the later history of Japan. (The sisters’ lives have often been taken for TV dramas and movies.)

At Ho-koen Park (豊公園)

Nagahama-jyo Castle (長浜城), the Inside of Which is the History Museum
The Poster of the Current Exhibition Theme

The Statue of Hashiba Hideyoshi at the Park

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