Re: Walking Around Niu Valley in the Season of New Green Leaves (新緑の丹生渓谷を歩く)

My hometown is a part of Nagahama, and the area dominates about one quarter of the whole city. Mountainous region covers a considerable area up to the prefectural border between Fukui and Shiga pref. It’s a typical countryside of Japan, which seems to appear as a scene in an old folk tale. I sometimes go out to Niu Valley, the region of which was once decided to become a dam, but it survived after all at the very end. No one but wild animals lives around the valley. I love walking along the river in the valley, especially when tree leaves become verdurous. I love watching and hearing the flow of clear snowmelt water from a higher mountain, which calms my mind.

Clear snowmelt water is flowing in the Takatoki River from a higher mountain
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