Impressive Three-Day Tour around Old Capitals (Nara, Kyoto, Osaka) of Japan 


日本古都 (奈良、京都、大阪)三日印象之旅

The course is a “Golden Route” around the 3 old capitals of Japan. You must feel awe-inspiring atmosphere, being surprised to see the fruits of religion-based cohesive power in Nara, such as the Big Buddha in Todai-ji temple and Kasuga-jinja Shrine. Kyoto used to be the capital after Nara for no less than 1,100 years from 794 AD, during when the internationally famous city had nurtured sophisticated Japanese cultures. And, you have to be welcomed everywhere in the easygoing merchants’ city of Osaka, which also used to be an old capital before Nara.




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  • KyotoNaraOsaka
  • 120,000 JPY
  • 33 Hours
  • 1~5 people


  • Meeting Point

    At your staying hotel in Osaka or Kyoto
  • Todai-ji Temple (東大寺) in Nara: South Big Gate (南大門), Big Buddha (大仏), Several Attached Temples, such as Nigatsu-do (二月堂)
  • Kasuga taisha Shrine (春日大社) in Nara: Well-renowned Power Spot, you have to feel significant power when you go through God’s forest
  • Nara Park (奈良公園) in Nara: Wild dears must say hello to you, asking you give them rice-crackers
  • Kofuku-ji Temple (興福寺) in Nara: Five-storied stupa seen from Sarusawa pond (猿沢池) is the representative scene of the old capital
  • Nara Machi (奈良町) in Nara: Traditional town houses with gratings, together with retrospective Japanese restaurants and cafes
  • Kyoto Station (京都駅): One of the architectural masterpieces, comprising a huge glass façade, a grand staircase, an aerial walkway from where you can see a magnificent vista of Kyoto
  • Nijyo Castle (二条城): Walk down a corridor of the palace to hear a nightingale’s song
  • Kinkaku-ji Temple (金閣寺): A perfect reflection of the Golden Pavilion appears in the mirror-like pond makes you dazzle
  • Daitoku-ji Temple (大徳寺): The old temple consists of more than 10 sub-temples, each of which has a famous history appeared in the school texts
  • Ginkaku-ji Temple (銀閣寺): You must feel a so-called “Wabi Sabi”, a kind of beauty of modesty
  • Nishiki Market (錦市場): The kitchen of the old capital, comprising about 130 shops selling daily Japanese foods
  • Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル): Umeda Sky Building is the 40-story high-rise (173 meters high) twin buildings, the top of which is connected by the observation deck. You can enjoy 360 degree panoramic view, including Awaji Island (more than 70km away) when the sky is clear
  • Osaka-jyo Castle (大阪城): Hideyoshi’s headquarters built in 1598, when the top warlord completed dominating the whole country of Japan
  • Osaka Museum of History (大阪歴史博物館): ou can explore the time travel from the era of Old capital (7th century) to the modern Great Osaka
  • Dotonbori (道頓堀): “Dotonbori River Cruise” is a 20 minutes’ short boat ride along the center of the amusement area. You can fully enjoy a variety of huge neon-billboards and garish but humorous performances as well on the both sides of the old canal
  • Ending Point

    At your staying hotel in Osaka or Kyoto

What to Expect

1) Nara: Walking around Nara Park must bring you back to the days of 1,300 years ago, when many structures related to Buddhism such as the Big Buddha and the five-storied pagoda of Kofuku-ji temple were constructed.

2) Kyoto: You might be able to feel and appreciate a sort of graceful Japanese culture when you walk on a back street of the internationally known tourism city.

3) Osaka: You can enjoy everything here in the easy-going big city where all the people there, especially “Oba-chan” (a middle-aged woman) must be so friendly to give you a candy. (^^♪

4) All the “Must-see” spots in Nara, Kyoto and Osaka are included.

5) The tour is a bit flexible, depending upon the guest’s interest, since it is an excursion-style, taking advantage of walking and public transportations such as city bus and / or subway.

6) Guests can enjoy local cuisines to their hearts’ content in Kyoto and Osaka at a reasonable price, if special requests are informed in advance.

Inclusions & Exclusions


Guide Fee


1) Admission / Entrance Fee (For Tourists): Approximately 2,500 (Two Thousand and Five Hundred) JPY Each at a Maximum for One Day.

2) Transportation (For Tourists and the Guide): Less than 2,500 (Two Thousand and Five Hundred) JPY Each at a Maximum for One Day.

3) Lunch and/or Dinner (For Tourists): Less than 2,500 (Two Thousand and Five Hundred) JPY Each at a Maximum.

4) Any Unexpected Cost (For Tourists): Less than 1,000 (One Thousand) JPY Each at a Maximum.


Important Information

1) The tour consists of three-days excursion, basically starting from 8:30 AM to 19:30 (7:30 PM).

2) Meeting Schedule:

  • 8:30 AM at your staying hotel (Start)
  • 7:30 PM at your staying hotel: Arrive (Tour end)

3) Peak Season: The destination spots may slightly change due to seasonal situation, after getting an approval from the guests

4) One day and Two-days tour is also available for specific regions in Kyoto, or Nara or Osaka, on your request.


[Cancellation Policy]
1) Free cancellation – 10 days prior to meeting time
2) 50% Refund – 9 to 3 days prior to meeting time
3) No Refund – Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time

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 by Mitch on KOHOKU Tour
Thank you very much, Yoshi!

Thank you very much for taking all those beautiful photos and for sending them to me. I already looked at them, and they are excellent. And I’m also very grateful you were my tour guide! I very much appreciate how you always did your best to make sure I had an excellent tour. You totally succeeded in making it great for me! And even when you lost your phone, you stayed as calm and focused as a samurai warrior!!! Very impressive! I would have lost my mind. I’ll be sure to download the photos to my computer before Dec 10. Thanks again Yoshi!!! Wish you the best always, Mitch.
Kasuga Grand Shrine!Ah-pI_GRbL6byUwSIzrBatVrAnZ-?e=iitak5



Good day, Mitch san. I thank you very much for selecting me as a tour guide for the 2 ancient capitals (Nara & Kyoto).Though I'm a very amateurish and awkward tour guide, I tried my best to serve the nice guy who came all the way from NY.(I committed that TERRIBLE mistake of losing my mobile phone on the very first moment on the first day, though...(^-^; ;;;; ) I strongly hope that all of your days in Japan this time will be unforgettable good memories.I was so glad to be able to share the same time with you, Mit san. I'll never forget the handsome therapist in NY.From YoshiNov., 22 (Wed.), 2023

 by Linda & Mike on KOHOKU Tour
Yoshi was awesome!

Yoshi was very informative, knowledgeable, time conscious, kind, humble, and considerate. We asked a lot of questions because we truly wanted to understand the Japanese culture, and he -answered them with honesty. We are 69 years old, and he often asked us: can you walk 15 minutes to a certain location, or can you walk up the stairs? He seemed to be very sensitive about our health mobility. Although he is about our age, he has great wisdom and much more energy than we did. We would highly recommend him.
The Golden Pavilion
Thank you Memo from the Client!Ah-pI_GRbL6b0G7HnyxwKbSCqlrH?e=zBryLy

Re: Summary of 4 Days’ Tour Guiding around Kyoto & Nara in Nov. (11月に行った4日間の京都・奈良観光ガイドのまとめ)

Dear Linda san, and Mike san I was so happy to be able to share the time with you on the 18th. Thank you for your lavish words to this amateurish tour guide. I was glad to know that both of you were listening in earnest, when I explained about the histories and the related episodes, with what little knowledge I have. I already sent my "Homeworks" to your e-mail address, and will send all the photos in a week, as I promised. Again, I was really lucky to get acquainted with the nice couple from Louisiana. From Yoshi

 by Subramaniam Sundar on KOHOKU Tour
Thank you, Yoshi!

Hello, Yoshi. Reached home safely.
Thank you for the lovely photographs. I was able to download them. You may want to use some of the photographs, if you wish to. Thanks again for your help. Subramanium

Sanjyusangendo Temple

Re: Tour Guide around Kyoto and Nara for the 5 Wonderful Families from US - KOHOKU Tour

Dear Subramaniam sanGood evening. (It's 9:40 PM on Apr. 22 (Sat.) in Japan.)I'm so relieved to hear that you were able to download the photos.I was so lucky and happy to happen to serve for the wonderful Sundar family. And I have to say to all of you, "I'm so sorry for my amateurish guidingfor your memorable tour to the Far Eastern Country".Your normal activities will start again from the day after tomorrow. Please continue working on staying healthy, such as walking exercise, ..."Exerciseis a real Polypill!", which is my favorite word.Thank you, Subramaniam san, Vijaya san, Sheikh san and Sumitha san.Thank you, and you have a nice weekend, please!!from YoshiApr., 22 (Sat.), 2023

 by Haruka. N on KOHOKU Tour
"Massively Wonderful Research Tour around KOHOKU" with Yoshi, a Licensed Tour Guide

[In English]

"Massively Wonderful Research Tour around KOHOKU" with Yoshi, a Licensed Tour Guide

Hi, Yoshi
The "research tour" conducted by your guide was perfectly fruitful.
Since I have had an interest in Lake Yogo and its surrounding hamlets, I've been eager to make the on-the-spot research there. That's why I asked your help, since you were born and grown at a small village of Kawanami (the north-west of Lake Yogo) and have abundant knowledge about KOHOKU.
My "research tour" was 2days. On the 1st day, you kindly showed me every spot in your home-village of Kawanami and around the Lake, spending no less than 5 hours. I thought afresh Kawanami was wonderful, walking round the fantastic hamlet and seeing its beautiful landscape. And I felt happy enough to be able to have a good chance to exchange greetings with many village people there. And I was lucky to hear very interesting stories as well about their lives and scenes of olden days from a nice old man who has lived there all his life. On the 2nd day, you guided me around the nearby town of Kinomoto, which used to be a post-station town with a long history, didn't you? You brought me to that historically famous old battlefield, Shizugatake, the amazing view from which I'll never forget. And when we walked around the area along the Niu river, I was impressed a lot, imagining about the days of old hamlets that have already disappeared from a map, due to a dam construction schedule. All the spots that you guided were so colorful and informative. Thank you, Yoshi.
And you've been very kind to take actively a proper care of incorporating additional spots that I wanted to visit, even after the initial itinerary. If I had no help of your guide and did it myself, I definitely couldn't visit such wonderful places. I was fully satisfied with your nice guiding around KOHOKU. Thank you, again, Yoshi!

At the Top of Mt. Shizugatake

[In Japanese]


Haruka. N

Haruka san, the "Research Tour" with you around KOHOKU was so pleasant and a good lesson for me, too. I was honored to be with a hard-working student like you. Thank you, From YoshiOct., 28 (Fri.), 2022

 by Julie Y on KOHOKU Tour
Excellent guide!

Yoshi is an excellent guide! He is a hard-working and wonderful ambassador for his country. Yoshi takes his work seriously and is scrupulously prepared. His care for his clients really shows. He went above and beyond for us. Yoshi is very well-informed about so much, including Japanese history, current Japanese affairs, and the flowers and trees of Japan. He is interesting, energetic, kind, and hospitable. Our only wish was that we had more time with Yoshi! We are grateful we met him.

Dear Julie san and Ron san. Thank you very much for your nice feedback. As our mission as a tour guide is, of course, to insure our customers' satisfaction, I've believed (as a former Quality Engineer) that we have to do our maximum effort, sacrificing our short lunch and rest time. I'm so glad to know that you kindly felt a touch of it. Again, I was extremely happy to be able to have an opportunity to go around the best spots with you and Ron san yesterday. Thank you, PS: I will try not to be a "Crybaby" any more. From Yoshi Apr., 19 (Fri.), 2019; 22:23

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