A Winter Tour around Lake Yogo in Shiga




Lake Yogo is a mirror-like spot surrounded with community based forests in a secluded corner of Shiga. Though the district around the lake is often covered with fresh snow almost every day in sever winter season, the sceneries from the lakeside must give sightseers unique landscapes associated with genuine local cultures of Japan and folklores which have come down from more than 1,200 years ago.

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  • Shiga
  • 15,000 JPY
  • 6 Hours
  • 1 ~ 5 people


  • Meeting Point

    JR Yogo Station
  • The Visitor Center & the Fishing Pier for Lake Smelts
  • Rambling along the Small Hamlet of KAWANAMI, Seeing the Inhabitants' Daily Lives
  • Winter Landscape Seen from Shimaura (島浦), One of the Seven Best Spots around the Lake
  • Koyasu (子安)Temple Hall Enshrining the Deity of Mercy (地蔵菩薩)
  • The Stone of the Big Snake’s Eye and the Pillow Stone (枕石)
  • The Monument of Haiku Poem by Rotsu (路通), a Disciple of the Famous Haiku Poet Basho (芭蕉)
  • Frozen Lake Yogo with a Background of Snow-covered Yokoyama-dake Mountain (横山岳; 1,132 meters)
  • [Optional] Snowshoeing (walking through snow wearing "snow shoes") to the Relics of Shizugatake Battle (賤ヶ岳合戦) in the Age of Provincial Wars (1583 AD)
  • Ending Point

    JR Yogo Station or JR Kinomoto Station (if guests visit the Relics of Shizugatake Battle)

What to Expect

The 6 hours’ course, in which sightseers can enjoy representative winter landscapes around the Lake. Though they have relatively heavy snow there due to incessantly falling snow in the cold season, the walking road along the lake is usually cleared away. Sightseers call in many spots associated with folklores there and the history-changing battle at the village in chilling but finely “honed” air. That severe weather may look nice in such a genuine Japanese culture and the big event that feudal warlords had to fight at the risk of their lives.

Inclusions & Exclusions


Guide Fee


1) Lunch and/or Dinner (For Tourists): Less than 1,500 (One Thousand and Five Hundred) JPY Each at a Maximum.

2) Any Unexpected Cost (For Tourists): Less than 500 (Five Hundred) JPY Each at a Maximum.


Important Information

1) The tour consists of 6 hours walking excursion, basically starting from 10:00 AM to 16:00 (4:00 PM), including 1 hour lunch.

2) Meeting & “Good-bye” Place:

  • 10:00 AM at JR Yogo Station (Tour start)
  • 4:00 PM at JR Yogo Station (Tour end)

3) Lunch: A Set Menu of Local Foods from 12:00 AM to 1:00 PM

4) Peak Season: The destination spots may slightly change due to seasonal situation, after getting an approval from the guests

5) Longer or shorter Excursion time and other specific regions are available, on your request.


[Cancellation Policy]
1) Free cancellation – 10 days prior to meeting time
2) 50% Refund – 9 to 3 days prior to meeting time
3) No Refund – Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time

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 by Subramaniam Sundar on KOHOKU Tour
Thank you, Yoshi!

Hello, Yoshi. Reached home safely.
Thank you for the lovely photographs. I was able to download them. You may want to use some of the photographs, if you wish to. Thanks again for your help. Subramanium


 by Haruka. N on KOHOKU Tour
"Massively Wonderful Research Tour around KOHOKU" with Yoshi, a Licensed Tour Guide

[In English]

"Massively Wonderful Research Tour around KOHOKU" with Yoshi, a Licensed Tour Guide

Hi, Yoshi
The "research tour" conducted by your guide was perfectly fruitful.
Since I have had an interest in Lake Yogo and its surrounding hamlets, I've been eager to make the on-the-spot research there. That's why I asked your help, since you were born and grown at a small village of Kawanami (the north-west of Lake Yogo) and have abundant knowledge about KOHOKU.
My "research tour" was 2days. On the 1st day, you kindly showed me every spot in your home-village of Kawanami and around the Lake, spending no less than 5 hours. I thought afresh Kawanami was wonderful, walking round the fantastic hamlet and seeing its beautiful landscape. And I felt happy enough to be able to have a good chance to exchange greetings with many village people there. And I was lucky to hear very interesting stories as well about their lives and scenes of olden days from a nice old man who has lived there all his life. On the 2nd day, you guided me around the nearby town of Kinomoto, which used to be a post-station town with a long history, didn't you? You brought me to that historically famous old battlefield, Shizugatake, the amazing view from which I'll never forget. And when we walked around the area along the Niu river, I was impressed a lot, imagining about the days of old hamlets that have already disappeared from a map, due to a dam construction schedule. All the spots that you guided were so colorful and informative. Thank you, Yoshi.
And you've been very kind to take actively a proper care of incorporating additional spots that I wanted to visit, even after the initial itinerary. If I had no help of your guide and did it myself, I definitely couldn't visit such wonderful places. I was fully satisfied with your nice guiding around KOHOKU. Thank you, again, Yoshi!

[In Japanese]


Haruka. N


Haruka san, the "Research Tour" with you around KOHOKU was so pleasant and a good lesson for me, too. I was honored to be with a hard-working student like you. Thank you, From YoshiOct., 28 (Fri.), 2022

 by Julie Y on KOHOKU Tour
Excellent guide!

Yoshi is an excellent guide! He is a hard-working and wonderful ambassador for his country. Yoshi takes his work seriously and is scrupulously prepared. His care for his clients really shows. He went above and beyond for us. Yoshi is very well-informed about so much, including Japanese history, current Japanese affairs, and the flowers and trees of Japan. He is interesting, energetic, kind, and hospitable. Our only wish was that we had more time with Yoshi! We are grateful we met him.

Dear Julie san and Ron san. Thank you very much for your nice feedback. As our mission as a tour guide is, of course, to insure our customers' satisfaction, I've believed (as a former Quality Engineer) that we have to do our maximum effort, sacrificing our short lunch and rest time. I'm so glad to know that you kindly felt a touch of it. Again, I was extremely happy to be able to have an opportunity to go around the best spots with you and Ron san yesterday. Thank you, PS: I will try not to be a "Crybaby" any more. From Yoshi Apr., 19 (Fri.), 2019; 22:23

 by Sheila S. on KOHOKU Tour

Yoshi was very knowledgeable on all the places he took us for the two days we were in Osaka. He picked us up at our hotel. Planned the day according to what we wanted to see and the activities we were interested in. I have a bad knee and stairs were a problem, he made a lot of effort to accommodate this. For this I am very impressed. He definitely went over and beyond. Our family had a great time and will be beyond. Thank you Yoshi San! -- Sheila Cemer Houston Texas

Sheila san and your handsome family members: Thank you very much for your lavish word to this amateurish tour guide. I have to appreciate you, giving me the opportunity to go around here and there in the merchants' city under brisk winter sky. I'll never forget the fantastic memory with you and your family. PS: Have you successfully been able to open all the pictures that I took for your family?

 by Siti M. on KOHOKU Tour

Very lucky to have Yoshi san as our guide who took care of us from the time he picked us up from the hotel until he send us back to the hotel. I'm very impressed and appreciative when he accomodated to our slow movement. He planned well according to what we wanted even at the short notice of visiting Nara Women's University. Really love the Kimono experience and picnic under cherry blossoms at Osaka castle. Our family especially my daughter had a lovely and wonderful time. Thank you Yoshi san for understanding and being an amazing tour guide for us. - Siti, Malaysia

Siti san, Zainal san, alias sweet Sumo wrestler, and a promising No.1 journalist in Malaysia, Farah san, I thank you very much for selecting such an amateurish tour guide like me for your memorable tour tripping around Kansai district, Japan. I was relieved that the weather on the days during your trip was relatively good (not so cold and not so warm), and we could make it in time when the cherry blossoms that all of you must have eagerly anticipated started. You were able to dabble at OHANAMI (Cherry viewing) at Osaka Jyo park, eating Takoyaki, weren't we? The gift that charming Farah san surprisingly gave me must have become one of my most important treasuries. Thank you so much. PS : As I promised so, I'm going to send all the photos that I took for your wonderful family through e-mail in a few days. From Yoshi

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